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Dr Chiara Menghi-Barry

Dr Chiara Menghi-Barry

Orthodontic Specialist; DDS (Bologna) MSc (Aarhus, Denmark)

I come from a charming little Italian town on the north east coast called Ravenna, world famous for its byzantine mosaics, but also for good food!

In Ravenna I attended the same grammar schools as my parents and then moved to Bologna University to study dentistry. I got my dental degree with honours in 1989. My interest in Orthodontics started many years ago, when, as a teenager, I had to get braces. Unfortunately, the dentist who treated me decided to take teeth out whereas nowadays it probably wouldn’t be done. The treatment was unsuccessful and as a result I had to be retreated. Unfortunately, an ideal result could not be obtained any more. This personal negative experience dictated my future path, as I decided I wanted to become an Orthodontic Specialist to be able to deliver to each individual patient the correct treatment to the highest standard.

So, after a couple of years work as a General Dentist, I entered the three year orthodontic programme at the Aarhus Royal Dental College in Denmark with Professor Birte Melsen. In 1995 I passed the Danish board exam for Orthodontics and one year later I got a Masters degree with a research work on Biomechanics.

After Denmark I moved to Germany, where I shared an Orthodontic practice with my late husband Dr David A. Barry for almost twelve years, and where my three children were born.

In 2007 we moved to Italy.

David worked as an Orthodontic Specialist at Barkhill for over ten years, and as the practice expanded I was asked to join the team.

Due to the continuing success of the practice, I have been travelling to England every month since 2006 to work at Barkhill, and I am proud to be part of it!


  • Experience: Member of the ASIO (Associazione Italiana Specialisti in Ortodonzia)