Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics is the dental field that is involved with the treatment of the dental pulp, which is the inside of the tooth (nerves, blood vessels, other soft tissues). One of the most common treatments related to this dental specialty is root canal treatment which involves removing infected pulp from the teeth and closing it up again.

Sometimes infections in teeth are so advanced that the inside of the tooth needs to be cleaned and disinfected. The root canal system is a fine network of channels that has to be filled to stop the infection from reoccurring. To treat these issues successfully we us rubber dam to isolate the tooth from the rest of the mouth to avoid contamination of oral micro-organisms. The latest technology is at hand including lasers, digital measuring devices and equipment to magnify the canals. At Barkhill Dental, we use a Zeiss microscope and loops. “You can only treat what you can see.”

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