Barkhill House is now 300 years old .

The local records show that the house was constructed in 1720 . In that year George 1st was on the throne and we were in the 5th parliament after the unification act of 1707 between England and Scotland . There was an epidemic of Bubonic plague which began in Marseille in France . I don’t think it reached Bradford but I’m sure there would have been concern .

The concern today is what we are now faced with in moving our lives forwards in safety amid the threat of this little beasty called the corona virus ; COVID-19.

I have been the incumbent of Barkhill House now for 30 years .

The dental practice became a fully private service in 1994 but since the early 2003 we have worked closely with the NHS in providing specialist services Dental surgery and conscious sedation .

Our Specialist Orthodontist service has also been established for nearly 25 years and we have become well known for using braces and dental implants in combination to aid in the healthy reconstruction of many hundreds of failed dentitions , helping them all to improve their quality of life and self confidence with a smile .

Back to caring for our clients ——I want to apologise to all our clients for all those of you who feel forgotten . We plan to be back on July 1st . We have like many other practices found challenges in acquiring the necessary PPE and suffered the same uncertainties as many other professions with the lack of timely planning , consultation and guidance from the governing authorities .

We were directed to return to work on June 8th and this has proven to be a most unrealistic target date for many providers including us . The preparations needed are extensive but when we open we will provide as safe an environment for patients and staff as anywhere .

We will have four treatment rooms available with EXTERNAL entry and exit points that will be fully ventilated with natural outdoor air to get rid of any residual aerosol risk at the end of appointments .

All our treatment chairs are also fitted with a sophisticated suction device to maintain comfort and safety —- ISOLITE .

If as a patient you find this daunting then we can also offer sedation techniques . Our fully trained and experienced staff will be more than willing to discuss the suitability of this option with you.

Some procedures will need to be priced differently . We are aware of the Covid impact on the economy but we also need to survive to continue to be here next year .

In light of a need to provide more cost conscious treatment alternatives And as a celebration of our 30 years of implant dentistry in this 300 year old building we have a promotion to the end of 2020 of restored implants for £1690 ( see conditions )

If you are an essential worker in Education or the NHS then we are pleased to offer you a 10% discount on all services .

On behalf of myself and my team, we look forward to welcoming you back very soon.