Restorative Dentistry / Prosthodontics

Your smile speaks volumes and if you are uncomfortable with your smile it can easily become a significant personal issue. At Barkhill Dental, we’re passionate about building your healthy smile. Sometimes simply reshaping the teeth or changing the colour will achieve the results to make you feel better about your smile. Some people however may need teeth moving or restoring using crowns or veneers. “If it looks right, it is right.” Prosthodontics is a dental speciality of Restorative Dentistry also known as prosthetic dentistry and is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation/restoration and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance and health of your mouth. This includes restorative dental treatments such as crowns (caps), partial crowns (onlays or inlays) and veneers, fixed bridges, tooth-coloured fillings dentures or restoring implants.

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